Love is a many splendid thing….

…. Or so the song goes anyways!

I love love! I’m a proper mushy softy on the quiet. Not just the corny, romantic love but all kinds of love. I get googly eyed over all lovey dovey type things. People who love their pets, pets who love each other, people who love their kids, love a good proud parent status (love  ranty one even more though, reassuring to know its not just me lolz), i love the love we have for our friends, jobs, etc.

Love is important. To adore and to be adored is what gets us through life. Humans are after all social beings who rely on each other to get by. But we also need to enjoy things to get by. I may not love racketball as much as random Joe on the bus. But seeing his face light up as he talks about how much HE loves it is heart warming.

We are constantly barraged with negativity and tragic ridden news stories. The future looks pretty damn bleak from where I’m sitting. Housing crash, recession, racism, President Fart (you know who I mean), sometimes it can make you feel like there’s no hope. So you rely on the little things in life to pick you up. Watching a movie with friends, having a laugh with your movie, being really proud of yourself for mastering a new hobby etc. Its these little things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside that make these huge, bleak, scary headlines, well not as scary.

That is why I love Valentines Day. I’ve always loved it. As a kid, as a teenager, as a single lady and as a coupled up lady. Its the one day of the year where you can make time for love. And yes ‘why should it just be one day’ but life goes so bloomin fast, and you can get so tied down in the daily duldrums of routines, that its nice to have one day to well, pardon the pun, smell the Valentines roses. You can spend it with anyone doing anything. Take your mum/dad for a meal, spend the day with your little sister/brother, go to a spa by yourself and read a book without being interupted (heaven!).

I myself am going to see a friend’s new house they’ve just moved into with their love, then I’m going to have chicken nuggets with my kids (LOVE) and then a cosy movie and meal on the couch with the boyf where I’ll probably fall asleep and be woken up to the credits rolling, what’s not to love?

Please comment below and tell me all your favourite things you LOVE to do, or even what your hidden passions are (nothing rude mind!). Let me know how you’ll be spending your Valentine’s (:

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Keep Smiling (:

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