Lancome Skincare Love In!!

My lovely, oh so kind and generous boyfriend got me a great set of Lancome Skincare minatures for Christmas. He knows I’ve always wanted to try Lancome but being a girl on a budget I can’t really afford to get the full sized products unless I know I’m going to love it. On my paycheck its just not worth the risk. A girl can dream though right?

Soo you can imagine how happy I was to unwrap these beautiful little things on Christmas Day. Especially when I noticed the sample of the Advanced Genefique in there. Deffo a pricey item I’ve always lusted after. Stocking filler winner indeed! So now I’m almost out of some of them ** sob ** I thought I would do a review and let you know which ones I will definitely be repurchasing full size wise!

Galateis Douceur – Gentle Softeneing Cleansing Fluid 50ml


Full sized product and size: 200ml £23.50

This was great as a first cleanse but I wouldn’t rely on this solely for taking off my make up. Especially heavy eye make up after a night out. It was great when I had none on, sweaty gym face after a shower for example, loved this product. However, I’m not sure if thats enough of a reason to repurchase at full size. This did leave my skin soft though and was gentle, exactly what it says on the tin, but I was left feeling like I wanted more from this.

Tonique Douceur – Softening Hydrating Toner 50ml


Full sized product and size: 200ml £23.00

My sample of this is empty. This is my favourite thing out out of the set. Toners have a bad rep with me. Especially toners like this that you pop on a cotton pad and sweep over your face. 90% of the time I’m left with a dry, tightened, stinging face and watery eyes, so I tend to stick with spray versions. Not with this product though. This did exactly what it promised. My skin was left lovely and soft, and feeling refreshed and glowing. Wasn’t harsh at all and I could tell after a week’s use it was really doing something for my skin. A lovely, no hassle way of using a toner and totally worth paying full price for I’d say.

Advanced Genefique – Youth Activating Concentrate 7ml


Full sized product and size: 30ml £47.20

Here we go guys! The big daddy! Although as you can see from the description, I received quite a small sample. I didn’t in fact feel there was enough in this sample to warrant a full test. Sure it was soft, and my skin felt hydrated and nice. But, I’ve got the same if not better results, from less pricey items on the high street if I’m completely honest with you. Like I said, there wasn’t really enough to test with. I did the whole pipette on and press on dance but it didn’t really feel like enough so I used a bit more and gently rubbed it in. As I’m only 25, and this is based for more mature skin I did feel that maybe my skin just wasn’t in need of this. I’d love to try a sample from something of their range thats more suited to my age range and have a go at that. This left me feeling a little like it was over hyped to be honest.

Hydra Zen – Anti Stress Moisturising Cream SPF15 15ml


Full sized product and size: 50ml £39.50

I love a good moisturiser. Having oily/combination skin though means finding a good one can be something of a mission. This was surprisingly amazing though! My skin felt nourished and soft, and was left with a gorgeous glow without being shiny. This smelt really nice too and felt really thick and luxurious and wasn’t cloggy either! I didn’t have to use lots of, it settled really well into my skin and spread quite far. I didn’t have to use lots as a little went quite far. However, I do get the same from some of the cheaper, high street day moisturisers I have tried.

Hydra Zen Masque – Anti Stress Moisturising Serum-in-Mask 15ml


Full sized product and size: 50ml £42.00

This stuff like it’s day counterpart is brilliant! I may have just found my high end day night perfect duo. As this is a serum and mask it leaves skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. There’s no nasty, dry tightening and this applies like a mask with a serum feel so you get what you need straight up. You don’t get that weird greasy effect that some night creams leave you with or that algae like thing you get with leave in over night masks. Its like the best of all worlds in one product.

In summary, I am deffo going to be asking for the moisturisers for birthday/christmas presents from my loved ones. These are definitely worth the big bucks. As for the toner its definitely something I’ll be looking into repurchasing for myself and making a staple part of my skincare regime. Its worth the investment considering how it left my skin looking and feeling in comparison with other toners that i have tried.

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Keep Smiling (:

** This post was not sponsored and all prices are correct from at the date and time of this post. Pictures used belong to and are of the full sized products as I ‘accidentally in a cleaning fit’ threw them away**

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