Testing Younique Makeup

Hii guyss!
So today I had the pleasure of sitting down with an old school friend of mine, a big case of make up and having a right good chin wag. Becci is a Younique Presenter and we’ve been meaning to meet up for ages now to have a look at her products and for me to try them out. She knows I’m a make up fanatic and so we set a date.

For those of you who don’t know I have my own Health and Wellbeing busniness under the umbrella of Forever Living. We stock some make up items but I’m always interested in seeing what others have out there. Becci has always been a massive support to my business and I believe there’s room for everyone out there so was in full support of her too.

I was so impressed with the products that Becci shared with me that I thought I would do a full face review on them so you lot could have an opinion on them in case you were looking at Younique products yourself.


I have used the Younique Foundation before and I love it. I am going to be doing a review on that in a few weeks. The Glorious Primer that Becci used as a base for my face makeup was absolutely amazing. I normally dislike most primers and tend to swing towards the Nivea Post Shave Balm or use the Aloe Nourishing Serum which works brilliantly as a primer. However, the Glorious Primer settled into my skin beuaituflly and I din’t feel like I had a layer of plastic over my face like I do with most silicone primers. Today Becci used the BB Flawless cream (in Bisque) with the concealer to give me a lighter base. I was shocked at the amount of coverage I still got from mixing these products especially seeing as Becci used such a little amount. This would be great for the days when I don’t want to use too much makeup i.e. shopping, meetings, gym, etc. I’ve tried quite a few BB creams and so I was skeptical about this so it was nice to be surprised at how good this was. The concealer, gave a great amount of coverage and gave a lovely luminosity to my face and helped give me coverage for my spots and uneven skin tone. She set my make up with the pressed powder (in Organza) and it was so lightweight and non creasy. I paid special attention to how the powder settled under my eyes and although it settled a little ‘powdery’ it kept my concealer in place throughout the evening.

Trio – Bronzer, Blusher, Highlight

I know that these three items go on your face, however I feel that they need a seperate section due to the fact they shape and frame the face. They are kind of an integral part of someone’s make up regime I feel (another waffle for another day perhaps). I love the bronzer which is in the shade ‘Sunset’. The theory is that it is half matte and half shimmer, what i actually found is that one half is marble effect and the other has a small amount of shimmer pigment in. Even though this had pigment in I still found it was great to wear in the daytime. It gave me shape to my face and wasn’t a dirty looking sheen that some bronzer’s give. The blusher which was in the shade ‘Sweet’ was a warm toned pink and complemented the bronzer tone really well. It’s a perfect colour for going into Spring. For highlight, Becci used a pigment on me in the shade ‘Curious’. The glow up was amazing! These pigments are buildable and blend really well. I myself don’t like the dosci ball look too much during the day but at night I bet you could build this coverage so you could be lighting the night up!


The one thing in the set that Becci brought to show me that I couldn’t wait to try were the eye palettes. Five palettes that come in an array of different colours and tones, bith shimmer and matte. Each palette comes with 7 shades so dependent on your mood and event there’s a palette for everyone. Becci used the Eye Primer first which was great as it really helped to highlight the pigment of the eye shadows. Becci mainly used Palette 5 and the colour ‘Sarcastic’, I love this as its pretty much me in an eyeshadow! Becci also used palette number 1 to highlight my brow bone and used the matte brown colour in my crease to give my eyes some definition. I was really pleased with the results. The product I loved the most for my eyes was the brow pencil. I found this really similar to my NYX brow pencil however this had more pigment and I found I didn’t have to use as much. I like to go with my natural brows and this tamed my brows well. For my lashes Becci used thwe 3D Fiberlash mascara. In the past I haven’t been the biggest  fan of this nascara as I found it quite clumpy and drying, giving my lashes the effect of spider legs. However, I have to admit that after today I was really impressed with the new formula. I have the straightest lashes ever and I found this covered them well and gave the effect of a subtle false lash look. You can use more or less of the ‘Fiber’ wand depending on which look you were after.


By far my most favourite thing about my Younique makeover has to be the lips! I love a good lip but I hate the time and effort it takes to get there. However, I cannot wait to get my hands on the lip pencils and lip stains that I tried out today. So easy to use, so versatile, such great pigment, and didn’t take long at all to use! The lip pencil was so creamy and it was so easy to fix any little mistakes. I love a good red and that’s the look I went with. The lip pencil I used was ‘Primal’. I love the names of these products btw! I reckon I could have used the lip pencil on its own it was that creamy and pigmented. The lip pencil really added an extra dimension to the lip stain although it was pretty amazing on its own. The lip stains are water based although they weren’t runny at all which I loved. The stain dried really well and has stayed on my lips pretty much throughout the evening. I swatched two more, aswell as the one I chose, on my hands and as you can see they give an intense pigment and are super long lasting.


In summary I really enjoyed my afternoon with Becci and trying out the products. Purchase wise I will definitely be going for the BB cream, bronzer, blush, and lip products. Although I love the eye palettes, I do find them expensive at £38 each. I have tried other palettes that are cheaper than this that work just as well. However, if you are looking for a quality, one does all palette then I would go with one of these. The fiberlash mascara is definitely worth giving a go again if you’d tried the old formula and didn’t like it. I think like me, you’ll be surprised at the results. I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it as day to day my Maybelline works just aswell, however if you like the false lash look then this would be perfect for you. All in all I would definitely give Younique make up a go if you can as I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!

I hope you enjoyed this full face review (:

See ya next time!!

For Becci’s shop link please click here. If you are in the local area I’m sure she’d love to have a meet up so you can see the products for yourself.









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