‘Real Queens Fix Each Other’s Crowns.’

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I am a feminist. Loud and proud. These days saying that sentence can go one of two ways. It’s either championed; lets face it we have more of a voice than we ever have done and we aren’t hiding behind kitchen doors anymore, or in some instances you have to whisper it; there’s STILL a gender pay gap, rape and sexual assault convictions are STILL lower than they should be, women are STILL having to explain their sexual choices, abortions are STILL being debated over and its STILL considered to be a female ‘issue’. Oh yes people, in the year 2017, Daddy still gets to walk away while Mummy has to deal with the consequences of BOTH their actions. But that’s another post for a different day.

After all, the greatest myth about feminism is that we are man haters. That is not what feminism is about. Feminism is a strive for equality. For us with vaginas to be equal to those with penises. For us to be seen without the labels of ‘woman, breasts, babies, periods’ etc and just to be simply seen. But, I have found that one of the biggest difficulties I have encountered in my life, indeed its something I and as I have seen others encounter on a daily basis: OTHER WOMEN!

I have been given far more bitchy, judgemental comments on my weight, fashion choices, mothering skills, sexual behaviours, etc by other women than I have any man. I have also noted that when this goes on, if not toward me then around me, me simply witnessing said events either online or in reality, that men are either laughing at us about it or shaking theirย  heads in disbelief, How are men supposed to take us seriously and stop judging us, see us as equals, when we will not stop judging each other?

Its a common thread I see all around me. If we stood together, in the sisterhood, then I’m sure we’dย  get much further. I mean who gives a shit how many men that woman has slept with? Or that she’s paired her red shoes with green ankle socks (oh the shame!). There’s wars going on in the world where women and children are being raped and killed, I mean a full school of females were kidnapped by a terrorist group, Trump’s deciding what we do with our bodies, Tax Credits have even brought a rape clause into there new claiming rules, yet we are all bitching at each other and in fighting when our energies could be focused outward? Actually making a proper difference,

Join a march. Sign a petition. Make a vote. Talk about the decisions being made FOR you with your friends and think about what could be done about it. Don’t judge someone for ‘all that makeup’ be happy in the choices you’ve made. In fact be so happy in the choice you make about your lips/hair/boobs/vagina that you couldn’t care less about what other women choose to do with theirs. Because that’s the main point of this rant really. It’s about choice. And thats what we are fighting for. The right to choose. And I personally believe that’s something we should all stand together for. United as one.

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