The world is scaring me…

and I am not afraid to say it anymore. As a woman, a mother, a human being I am positively terrified about the future. Namely the safety and security of the future especially for my kids.

Last week there was a terror attack in my home city of Manchester with the youngest taken only aged 8. As the world knows it was at an Ariana Grande concert at the M.E.N Arena. An arena I have been to countless times. As my daughter gets older and gets more interested in music I have previously considered taking her. There was that fear of ‘it could have been us’ as I’m sure everyone up and down the country, indeed round the world, thought. The fact that the perpatrator in question had been on the watch list sent shockwaves around. in abundance. They could only keep an eye on him due to suspicion but couldn’t actually arrest him. So me and my children have to sit here like sitting ducks then? Waiting and praying that next time it is not us.

Last night I found out there had been a second terrorist attack in two weeks on London Bridge; only previously in the Spring of this year there had been a terror attack in which 4 people including a police officer where killed, and 50 were injured. The terorist himself also died in the attack but I see him as a victim in no way and only mention him for reasons concerning detail. These were people on their way home from work and school, people out for a walk, shopping, tourists taking in Westminster. Last night 6 people died and 20 were injured. These people having drinks, meals, stood in the street talking to friends after a night enjoying themselves. In the Paris terrorist attacks they were done mercilessly in a concert hall and in the street.

Which brings me back to the waiting game. Terrorism in the 21st century is an act of war on our daily life. We are sitting ducks waiting to be killed by these despicable factions who say they do what they do because of the decisions made by our leaders. They try and blame it on religion but yet the religion they claim as theirs condemns and shuns them, grieves with the families and comes out in force in our community. Yes community has been reinforced and people are coming more together in light of these horrific events.

However it comes to mind why it takes these atrocities to make the community come together. I know they are trying to focus more on teaching in schools and multi-diverse festivalsd and events in our community however there will also be those such as the media and various political movements that latch on to these events and use them for their own goal.

Which is why I am so terrified. How am I supposed to steer my children through all this confusion? They are 6 and 4. My daughter was told at school about what happened in Manchester. I found myself angry at this as I wanted to tell her myself, however this was quickly replaced by an acceptance that even at the young age of 6 I cannot protect her from everything. There’s a sense that we all in danger; riding on public transport, attending a music concert, a festival, travelling on holiday, frolicking on the beach.

The only thing I can do is to educate them and myself. Teach them about love, community, self worth, and kindness. Set them an example that the many don’t get punished because of the individual. And hope. Hope that our government, whoever it is who gets in the general election, takes a tougher stance on those who are suspected of terrorist acts ands extremist preachings.  Also, to teach my children about hope and show them that I hope. Hope for a better future. a better world. Where their oridnary, everyday life will not be at risk.

Knowledge is power after all.

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