The Happiness Planner – Review Week One

Hii everyone!

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a Happiness Planner for quite some time now after always fangirling their Instagram page. I decided to bite the bullet and go for it and ordered myself the undated 52 week journal in pink and gold. I wanted undated so I could plan my own week myself and not have to leave half the year out etc. I got it for £30 and paid a standard delivery fee, it only took 5 days to come which I was happy with.

The planner comes in a  gorgeous light pink box and contains:

*52 week journal

*paper clips

*two clipboard clips

*bucket list, goals list, new years resolutions – printables that are all available for free on the website (you can also get other printables on there such as Acts of Kindness, etc, deffo worth a look)

*a gorgeous thin gold pen (now known as my posh pen)

I was so impressed with the look and feel of the whole package and it really made me feel like I was doing ymself a service and actively making the right steps to sort my life out. In the planner at first, after you’ve filled out the printables, there’s some quotes about happiness and then there’s a couple of exercises known as ‘The Happiness Roadmap’ and this helps you to reflect on yourself, what makes you happy, what you want to improve on and your goals for the future. This makes it easier to actually focus and plan how you spend your time and how you are going to organise your weeks and use the planner to its full potential. It took me around a week to do these exercises as I wanted to be honest with myself and really write down things that I wanted to tackle and deal with. These exercises are really good at helping you to broaden your mind and really think about your feelings and goals.

The actual layout of the planner itself is really well organised although I have to admit I had to squash my writing abit. There’s not a lot of room in the actual boxes and so if like me, you have big, expressive handwriting skills then its probably best to tone them down a little. The week is split into what you’re excited about, personal goals, work goals, and happy things to do on one side and your actual week on the other. I like this because its like your listing everything you have to do into sections and then you can actually plan your week ahead which is on the opposite page.

On the page after that is a review part where you can see what went well about the week, what hiccups you had, if you learned anything etc. I love that it also has a gratitude bit and what you improved on so you can stop and appreciate things and what you’ve acheived that week which is lovely. This really helps you each week build on your goals that you’ve written down in your roadmap and how far you have come. It’s something I will really enjoy doing over the year and seeing how I felt at the start of the year to seeing how my journey goes. 

Something I really enjoy about this planner is that each week there is a quote about happiness and goal building. I like to bear these quotes in mind as I go about my week and see if I can learn anything from it or attribute it to anything about my life. It’s something I’m looking forward to looking at and may lead to a weekly review of my week using the quote.

I’m really excited to see how using this planner affects my life and if it helps in any way with my poor organisation skills and if it helps me become a more goal orientated person. Let me know in the comments if you have a happiness planner and if/how it helps you!

*** This is not a sponsered post. Any posts that are sponsered will clearly be stated’ These views are mine and mine only ***


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