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L’Oreal Fine Flowers Review

Back with another review!! And its skincare again!

I couldn’t wait to try the new L’oreal Fine Flowers range and I’ve pretty much tried everything in the range apart from the Cleansing Cream (I went with the milk, thought it would go better on my skin and it looked fancier next to the toner, I was right!) I first saw this on AmyMakeupBox’s Instagram and so deffo wanted to give it a go and I was in luck as my local Boots had it on offer.

Cleansing Wipes

Cleanses, soothes, removes even waterproof make-up’

Oh my geeeee these wipes!! I am not normally a lover of wipes, preferring a good old Micellar water first cleanse with a cotton pad. These were included in the offer though and I thought sod it they’ll come in handy on a busy evening or when I’m so tired my eyes are falling out. While I don’t recommend always uysing a face wipe to take off your make up everyday, there are occasions when a makeup wipe is better than using nothing at all. If this is the case then you want to be using the best wipes possible on your skin. These wipes are that. Normally face wipes can leave my skin stinging and dry, but these wipes were so so gentle and felt so luxurious. My skin was left feeling soft, clean and moisturised. These wipes actually feel like clo ths they don’t feel like face wipes which adds to the luxury feel of them

Cleansing Cream

‘Melts make-up, nourishes, beautifies’

This is applied in the sameway as the milk inthat you put it on a cleansing pad and move over your face. I guess its a thicker version of the cleansing milk. I used mine in the evenings to remove my make-up by putting it on my face and leaving it to sink in while I wet my flannel. Ive found this is the better way for me to use it as it gets off the majority of my make-up and then still leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated, and I can use the cleansing milk afterwards as a second cleanse.

Cleansing Milk

‘Removes make-up, cleanses, nourishes’

Mmm this cleanser!! First of all like all the proudcts in this range all smell absolutely amazing, wipes included. They aren’t lying when they are talking fine flowers. The floral, fresh scent hits you as soon as you get hold of the product. This is always promising for me and I do adore a good floral, skincare range. The cleanser milk is quite thick as milks go but it also spreads out really well so you can take about a 10p blob onto your cotton pad and it spreads round the face well. I used this for my second cleanse to take off the leftover bits of my make up after using my balm remover. It took the last of my makeup off really well and didn’t leave me with any red splotches or feel dry or irritating.. My skin was left cleansed and ready for toner.

it was a hard one to switch to this toner because my Kiehl’s toner is amazing and totally changed my opinion on toners thats for sure. However I wanted to give a lower end toner a try and figured as I wanted to try this range I might as well give this one a go. This toner feels almost gel like. I can understand why as this range is targeted to those with dry or sensitive skin and so this toner has to be somewhat hydrating/moisturising. The gel consisitency of this toner actually felt really nice and quite relaxing. I noticed after a few days that my skin was looking less try and more balanced. My spots were mainly hormonal ones and my stubborn acne was looking like it had shrunk.

Hydra Genius Aloe Water

‘Locks in moisture, 72 hour, fresh and glowing skin, fresh as water, hydrating as a cream’

Now this is something I’ve never really tried before. When I first bought it I thought is it a serum, light gel moisturiser, primer? What I found was it’s actually like some weird hybrid triad of the three. This is especially amazing in a morning before you put your make up on althugh can be really good at night if you’ve had a heavy make up day or had a face mask and so looking for an easy night cream. This is a cool, soothing cream and if you are dry and itchy then this is perfect for you. I used this when I was having a particularly bad bout of eczema on my face and it was brilliant. My makeup went on really nice with this too. This created a smooth canvas for my makeup to go and my base looked fresh and glowy.

‘Cleanses, purifies, softens’

This is so lovely and gentle! It was quite literally a dream to wash my face with this! I used it in a morning and its so nice. Hydrating, no abrasive and my skin looked fresher than ever in a morning, Didn’t dry my skin out so after I’d toned and moisturised my make up went on so well afterwards too.

All in all this range is really good especially for those of us who have dry and sensitive skin, although me being an oily girl with combination I did find this helped me too.

*This is not a sponsored post and would be stated otherwise. These views are strictly my own and I have not been paid to endorse these products. These products were bought by myself*

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