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QOTW Lesson – Week Four


Hii guys!

This week was yet another busy week. My time was mostly spent getting M and J into a summer holiday routine which mainly consisted of trying to get them to sleep in past 7 and to not seriously hurt one another and eat every item of food we have in the house.

At first I didn’t think too much about this week’s quote. I like to think that those around me are the right people. I genuinely can’t get my head around the actions f shady, ignorant people and I have a low tolerance for arrogance, This means that those who I do tend to be around are good people. Happy, supportive people who like to laugh and help. Ultimately my people tend to be the caring, givers of the world. Hell they’d have to be to put up with my miserable face and my children who seem to be the real life version of Donny from the wild thornberrys in male and female roles.

However there is something I have thought about this week and its a part of the quote that got me thinking: Do I know my own worth?

And I in no way mean this in a diva way. I mean do I know who am I as a person and do I respect myself enough that I own that and have self-belief? And when I thought about it, I don’t really. To pick up another part of the quote; I am my own worst enemy. I have little to no self confidence really. This is something that I have started working on this week. Not just in a physical way but its started really with confronting those around me. Even though my people and those who I do surround myself with are brilliant they are only human and can say/do things that can hurt my feelings. In the past I bite this back and then end up stewing on it; a small thing manifests itself into a big thing and then it becomes an insecurity.

However I chose to deal with things head on as they happened and although it was awkward for a moment it actually felt better in the end. I felt more sure of myself and I felt more listened to and appreciated; particularly by my partner. It’s also  meant I can speak up about the bigger issues that bother me and I was able to think about what I want my blog space to be like which has been inspiring. So if your a regular reader then expect some new posts.

Let me know in the comments section if you’ve struggled with self-worth and how you’ve overcome it, or if any part of this quote spoke to you. I’m always interested to hear about other people’s stories.

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