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QOTW – Week Five

I am really behind at these! I write them and then I forget to press publish or to schedule them in! I’ve been a pretty rubbish blogger lately. It’s so hard with the kids off school to stay on top of these things as my routine is so out of wack. So the next couple of quotes of the week will be bunched together until we get back to normal. I’m hoping the lessons I learnt from them will still be somewhat helpful to those of you reading this post nonetheless.

This has been a pretty weird lesson for me I’m not going to lie. I tend not to have rules about people have to be and genuinely believe people have the right to live the life they wish to. I don’t think everyone should have the same life plan, or that people should even live their life on a plan. I’m open minded to the idea that people will want to live differently to me and do things differently to  me; after all people have different histories, beliefs, goals, interets, etc. It’s what makes the world we live in such an interesting place to be in. Contrary to what others may think we are not robots who all do the same thing and plod along, getting jobs, having babies, getting married, etc. That life isn’t for everybody after all.

However, this is where the way I think and feel can clash. Although I don’t think we should all have the same way of life and ideas about how to live life, as long as we are kind and good to each other, I do tend to give myself rules to live  by and goal posts to head towards. I have talked about this in a previous blog post (“So what’s the life plan then?”). And it is something I have tried to work on. I know that I don’t have to have my life mapped out believe me. My to do lists are now, I think, full of sustainable and manageable goals. Like ‘book a holiday with the kids ‘finish off front room’ etc. These are manageable because I can break them down. Before it would have been ‘house fully decorated’ and now its ‘do this room’ which is further broken down into ‘order this couch, pick up these cushions, put up those picture frames’ etc. I got bogged down that I wasn’t giving myself or my  kids the experiences we needed and so now I make sure we have a day out each week and it doesn’t need to be big days out but could even be a picnic to our local nature spot etc.

However, when it comes to money and career goals I still get bogged down and I still can’t help but compare myself to others and to set myself big goals. For example, I can get some notions in my head of what my content should be like, what kind of posts I should be writing and what pictures I should be taking etc. I suppose its something that everyone does and it helps to remind yourself of why you started something. For example, this blog for me is like my diary/journal. Its a place for me to be able to share some of myself with others who are like minded. And thats what I need to remember that I shouldn’t always compare myself to others or make rules on myself by what others are doing in their lives. I guess that is something that everyone feels at some point.

I always have to remember that you can not force happiness to happen, what makes someone else happy won’t neccassarily make you happy. Also, it’s about the little things in everyday life. You can’t always focus on big moments but on the little things too. The ‘Happy things I will do’ part of my Happiness Planner helps me to focus on little things that make me happy like a nice walk, finishing a box set with a face mask and a box of chocolates, and having a coffee and a giggle with my best friends and my mum and my sisters. The self reflection also really helps as I can look back at the little things that have made me smile. In an absolute crazy week for example, catching my son off guard singing made my heart literally want to burst with pride.

In the comments below feel free to tell me about the little things that make you happy. Or even about the ‘rules’ you set yourself and how they can drive you crazy.


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