Why I Love The Summer Holidays

We are three weeks in to the summer holidays now. When we were breaking up alot of my fellow mums looke don in and dread and couldn’t help but say how much they weren’t looking forward to it. As much as we all love our children being around them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no breaks can take its toll. Despite this I always look forward to the big summer break. Here’s some reasons why:

1. There’s no mad rush to get out of the door for 8.20am or in bed by 7pm


My boyo gets up at 6 every day. No matter what time he goes ot sleep or how many times he has us up in the night he still wakes up at 6am. Each night I sort the uniforms and bags for the next day. Yet still somehow with all the prepartion I’ve done the night before and the two hours that we are awake thanks to J, we still end up in a mad rush out of the door because soemhow M can’t find her shoes and J wants to spend half an hour eating his breakfast not to mention the row they will have if I dare to somewhat pay attention to one of them more than the other. This also comes in handy at night too as then I’m not stressing my self out trying to get the kids in bed for a certain time as we don’t have to be up too early in the morning. Don’t get me wrong routine doesn’t completely go out the window (I’m not psychotic). But it does mean I have some more time to get things done of an evening with the kids loving a more relaxed bedtime.

2. No cramming everything into the weeekend


We literally have 7 days to get shit done. Normally we have to get all family and friend visits, trips out, etc done in two days. Because of this it oftens feels like there is no break for us. So we are able to get visits done, have people visit us, trips out, etc and then have a PJ day in there too. It’s brilliant. I try and make sure something gets done the majority of the week because otherwise the kids would kill each other but theres nothing better than being able to push your kids on the swings in the park at 10 am on a Tuesday and not having to rush anywhere. You also feel like you are making time for each member of your family and everyone gets time.

3. PJ Day on a Thursday whatttttt!


As said in the previous post if you’ve had a really busy few days then you can have a PJ during the week!  You can spend all day in the house in your PJS and the kids can play in the garden in their PJs too because you don’t have anywhere to go and can get all your housework done in one go while they are occupied. Its perfect when you need a sort out day and it also means you don’t have to give up your lazy Sunday either.

4. Movie Day a.k.a Disney Binge


These usually happen on a Sunday during the school term and this is mainly when we have no one to visit, no where to go and no one is coming to visit us. Now the kids go to their dads on a Sunday so I do try and get one of these in during the week when I can now its the summer holidays. It’s kinda like a PJ day above only we spend the afternoon sat on the couch with snacks watching Disney movies. We have NowTV in our house so we get a selection of quite a few Disney films both recent and old school and I love sitting watching my old favourites with the kids having a cuddle and reliving my childhood. I don’t care how old you are you will never be too old for Disney!

5. Better options for days out


Like I’ve said the beauty of the summer holidays is that you can space your days out throughout the week. This is also great as it means you can get your farm trips, big parks, zoos etc in during the week. Alot of places are also shut during the week normally when it’s the school term and then they open to the public during the week in the holidays which is good. I also find that alot of places have themed day sand put extras on during the summer holidays as well as some discounts so there’s always somewhere to take the kids even when your on a budget.

I’d love to know others thoughts on the Summer holidays and how your getting on. Let me know the things you love about the Summer holidays, if you’ve had any amazing days out etc!




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