Why I Dread The Summer Holidays

I thought I would do this post to equalise my previous post ‘Why I Love The Summer Holidays’. As much as I do love the Summer holidays, like everything with parenting and children, there are always downsides. I’m only human, my children are only little humans and I am not Supermum, as much as I try. And that’s all you can do when you are a parent is try your best. These posts are never meant to be taken seriously so if you do get offended by anything in this post then I’m sorry but erm, your just going to have to deal. Anyway on with the post!

Where did my time go?


 I am a stay at home mum. On account of the fact my boy only goes to school for 3 hours and needs me at home with him the rest of the time due to him struggling with Childminders, etc. The three hours while he is at school I honestly did not realise how much I take those for granted. I mean I really miss the joy of peeing alone. And being able to go to the shops without it being a full scale military operation. And the questions! Oh the endless questions. ‘Mamma why does the washing machine make that noise?’ ‘Mum have you seen my barbie, sparkly shoes?’ ‘Muuuuum why does the window cleaner have his belly out?’ Just endless questions about every part of my day. Plus on account of the fact that I have my gorgeous little darlings all day long by the time they actually go to bed and fall asleep I also want to climb in bed and fall asleep. I have such big plans during the day; I’m going to read a magazine, start a new series on the telly, do a blog post, etc. HA! By the time those kids were snoozing I was lay on my bed looking at the ceiling and snoozing myself!

Where did all the food go?


M goes to school from 9 until 3 and J goes to school halfway through the day. This means on average they have two main meals, a snack and supper per day. Becasue they have a snack and their lunch at school. So I’m thinking when they are at home I’ll literally just be giving them these two meals extra. Oh how wrong I was! These children of mine eat all day long. From the minute they wake up the minute they go to bed. Whenever I hear the words ‘Mumma I’m hungry!’ I cannot help but look at them both like how? How on earth are you hungry? And where on earth does all this food that you two are packing away go? I look at a digestive and I put on a pound! However, they literally do not stop running around. They are active and I love this. I love it because when they do want to sit and watch a movie I appreciate it so much.

3. Never ending laundry pile


These kids of mine must go through about four costume changes a day. M will decide on an outfit and then if we go out mid morning, when we get home she will then change that outfit. She will put PJs on at night, take them off because she is too warm and then put different ones on in the morning to eat her breakfast. J will put clothes on to go out in and the minute we get home strip naked, or I will get him dressed in the morning, he will go toilet and completely strip off, and then have to put on a completely different outfit because heaven forbid he put the same things on as before. There are baskets of laundry everywhere and affording to wash and dry all these clothes is not what I factored into my budget people! There’s no sun in this country to dry these clothes!

Why is everyone on holiday in the sun?


These thoughts come to  me when its absolutely raining outside and the kids are killing each other and are bored (I’ve banned this word from the house) and I have a quick scroll through Facebook and Instagram. It seems the whole world is somewhere near the equator on an inflatable flamingo, drinking lemon fanta in a high cut swimsuit. I managed to get to Blackpool for three days (catch that here) with the kids and I absolutely loved it because it meant we weren’t at home with them beating each other up, with clothes everywhere, and an empty fridge. Then there’s the lovely evening pictures with everyone in beer gardens, at gigs and festivals loving their summer nights. My summer night consists of folding washing, tidying toys, scraping hardened toilet roll off the bathroom floor and walls (don’t ask) while telling my children to get back in bed for the hundredth time.

Welcome to WWE – School Children style


Honestly I know its quite typical for a brother and sister to fight and squabble but that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier. And sometimes they really hurt each other and its realy disheartening to see. One minute they are best friends and the next they completely and utterly kill each other. I realise that the squabbles between them will have upped because they are spending so much time together. Normally they get a break from each other, J especially gets a morning on his own with me and he’s not used to sharing that time with his sister. M finds it hard because its harder for me and her to get our evenings together because J’s bedtime routine is slightly out. So I’m trying my hardest to get us out of the house and busy so that they aren’t battering each other and driving me crazy as much.

I want my routine back!


I never thought I would look forward to running round like a mad woman to get the kids ready and M off to school and J ready for the day but I do. I want my routine back. I would like to go back to normality and get everything back the way it was thank you very much.

Please feel free to let me know how your summer is going in the comments section!





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