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QOTW Eight

This quote actually speaks volumes to me. It speaks volumes to me about the girl I used to be. The girl who would always always put others before herself no matter what the cost, time or effort. I would often put other people’s wants and wishes before my own meaning things in my life often got put on the back burner. This meant the little things in my life would then become big things. My housework would be left to pile up, my boyfriend would complain we didn’t see each other often enough, I’d be up all night doing assignments for uni as I would leave everything until the last minute running round after everyone else.

You see, to me, I hated the idea that people would call me selfish. I didn’t want to be seen as this cold hearted, mean person and thought that beinglp good friend meant being always available to help whenever they needed me to.

But then I began to get poorly. I would be run down with coughs and colds from running around after everyone and trying to get 20 things done in one day for everyone else. I began putting on weight and my skin looked awful. I hated looking at myself, hated the state of my house, that I was always rushing the things I cared about, like time with my children, my University course, time with family, etc.

And I also noticed that these ‘friends’ weren’t around when I needed them. When my life started falling apart and everything started getting on top of me they were no where to be seen; they had too much going on to help me apparently.

So I learnt a valuable lesson and began to put my time in to what made me happy; the right things. I decided that I had to become somewhat selfish. I decided to minimise my life and what people expected of me. I began to say no. I joined the gym, I started to sort out my house and I began to micro manage my life.

It’s really helped me see what’s important in life to be honest. Planning certain aspects of my life out in advance such as my blog, my uni work, even simple things like ‘take kids for ice cream’. It means I know that I am putting myself and my children first and I also know that the people who are my true friends and family are getting the time that they deserve.

Spending time on the right things and what makes you happy is important for your health just as much as diet and exercise. Being selfish with yourself is okay.

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