QOTW – Week Eleven

I really thought about this quote alot this week. Whenever I do my Happiness Planner at the start of each week (for review click here) I always read the quote and then try and keep it in my mind as I go about my week, really trying to use it as a lesson.

This week has been really difficult for me for personal reasons which I don’t want to go into but as hard as it has been it has made me learn alot and I feel now, writing this post afterwards, that it has actually changed me too.

I am a procrastinator. I will literally put things off until I have to do them or have I to deal with them. Alot of the time the thing that makes me procrastinate the most is the utterly overwhelming feeling that I am going to completely eff things up. I am going to fail, or I’m going to upset someone, it’s going to go wrong and then will be a waste of time, effort and money, etc,

However, after an extremely difficult situation this week in which I ended up having a row with a very close friend I realised that when I keep things in, when I stop myself from taking part in the things that I have to do but won’t because they scare me, whether this be blog posts I ย feel are stupid, university assignments, converstaions and confrontations, or even applying for a job or going for an interview somewhere, I actually am stopping myself from achieving anything at all.

These situations often end up happening anyway, but because I haven’t allowed myself to even acknowledge them, then they end up completely swamping me when they do eventually happen. I end up sat up all night getting my assignment done, beating myself up over the blog post I missed out on writing, not needed tenion between friends, losing out on a job that I love, missing out on having a much needed conversation with my son’s therapists and then it being too late to do anything about it.

Actually facing up to a situation and dealing with it actually helps me to grow more and feel better as a person. I feel that there are lessons in everything. Even if something doesn’t go exactly as you want it to then you can still learn something. Exposing yourself to this kind of risk I’ve found in myself, makes me more confident and actually gives me more reassurance that I can achieve things and I can deal with these issues.

So I guess my advice from this week is to do something that has always scared you, but you’ve always put off. Join a drama class, go dancing, do a 5k, even set up your own blog if you love writing!!

Leave me a comment down below and let me know of any risks you’ve taken that paid off in the end and if you are scared to confront anything in your life.

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