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QOTW: Week Thirteen

As someone who is scared of rejection it is completely and utterly ironic that self-rejection is one of the most common themes running through my life. However this year that’s started to stop and it’s safe to say I am now more comfortable in my skin than ever. That comes down to getting out of my long term toxic relationship, ending friendships that weren’t good for me and appreciating more those who are, and being honest with myself about the way I feel about my body, my sexuality and my goals for the future.

One thing that I’ve really realised this year is that self-belief is so important. It’s the one thing that will keep you going when it seems like everything around you is falling to pieces. ot believing in yourself is what makes you think that you’ve failed (we acknowledged failure in week twelve).

It’s so easy to lose faith when you feel like your going nowhere and not achieving things, this is why you have to set your own goals, don’t base them off what everyone around you is doing. If there’s one thing I’ve learned following the crowd doesn’t always makes you happy.

I always thought that by the age of 25 I’d be in my dream career, married, getting a mortgage, been and explored parts of the world I had never seen. As it stands I’m a single, stay at home mother of two, renting in a cruel world when it comes to saving for a home. The last holiday abroad I had was a week away in Portugal back in 2009. I thought I’d have that perfect body I’d always dreamed of in that it would be alot thinner and toned and I’d permanently walk around in small underwears or a bikini. As it stands I’ve still never worn a bikini, I am bigger than I was back then howeveer I am probably the most happy that I’ve ever been. I’ve started exercising proeprly and eating right and I’ve accepted I’m a curby girl and its about health and looking after yourself.

I love doing daily affirmations in a morning. I always write down three things in a morning ‘my eyelashes look so good today’ ‘you seem really happy today keep smiling’ ‘you are a good person who deserves to be love and be loved’. Those were my affirmations this morning and they’ve kept me going all day. Then at night I write down three gratitude quotes. It’s really helping me in terms of self love and confidence and slowly but surely the self doubt has started to wear off.

I’d love to hear your own stories of coming over self-doubt so please leave me a comment!

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