Lessons · QOTW

QOTW: Week Fourteen

It’s going to sound so cliche and so cheesy but life really is about the little moment.

Everyone has a place they go to when the world gets too much and they need to reconnect. It’s a cherished placed where not many people know it’s your place because it’s your way of getting some peace and tranquility. And when you share that with someone its a really big thing.

I went on a date this week and the person I went the date with took me to their place. And it was honestly the nicest thing anyone has ever done. It showed they trusted me enough to know I would appreciate it and that they cared for me enough to let me in, to be vulnerable and show me that side of them.

I mention this because there’s been lots of little things leading up to this moment. I was friends with this person for a long time and wasn’t sure if they felt the same way I did. There was lots of missed moments, blurred lines, and misunderstood communication. So to be sat up there in that spot side by side looking out at the town we lived in with the sun setting was really really heartwarming.

It also taught me to not stress about the big stuff. Instead focus on the little stuff and work on it. Those little steps become a long road once you’ve started travelling on it. I really appreciated the town I live in looking at it in all it’s beautiful glory from where I was. To take time out and notice the little things like how the air smelled, how the lights all shone and sparkled and how the butterflies in my belly would kick off again each time I felt that person look at me.

When life gets rough I’ll look back on that moment and remember all those things I felt. It will give meaning to whatever is going on in our lives.

One thing I’ve really learned this week is this: life happens. It literally happens all around you and it doesn’t stop for anyone. So embrace it. Embrace it before you realise that you’ve missed so many things.

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