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QOTW: Week Fifteen

Can you believe that it is nearly Winter already? I’ve just finished writing my I Love Autumn post and I can’t beleive that the year is over already.  Also I can’t believe that I am on my 15th week of life lessons. These weekly quotes are actually really helping me to think about the way I look at things and are actually opening my mind to new situations and even new solutions.

In reference to this week’s quote I have written about Success before but I’d like to go into a bit more, especially from a personal level.

As a millenial, we are constantly living in what I think is a ‘Success Paradox’. We are bombarded by those our age who are considered successful and then we are also living in a crisis. Housing, financial, career, you name it we are always given messages that we won’t be able to buy a house, get decent credit, have any savings, and oh dear will we even be able to collect our pensions things are that bad according to most of the media sources out there.

Through reality TV such as TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, etc, and even through watching some of my favourite Blogger/Vlogger’s it paints this story that you can have these dream careers, go on amazing holidays, and basically have these lavish lifestyles. Its shoved in our faces on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter that these lifestyles and levels of success are what we should aspire to. People are making up job title’s to suit them, with the hours and the flexible pay check and travel to go with it. Then you get the latter end of the success trail. Those of us who are stuck in dead end jobs, trying to get by, saving everything we have just to get a foot in the housing market and try and get at least someone saved in case of emergencies. I’m already panicing and thinking about my pension, and if I’m finding this so hard then how bad will it be for my children?

What people don’t see about these lavish lifestyles however is how much work that is. Most of these designer clothes, sports car and houses are rented. Poeple are putting their name to things just to get some money, and sitting in pubs and clubs putting in appearances at all hours to get their name out there and get recognised for these things. Also are all those things even worth it if you don’t love what you are doing to get their? If you have a genuine passion and love for what you are doing then those things that come along with it will be added extras compared to the sense of satisfaction and acheievemnt you feel after a job well done. Also having all those amazing things that come won’t neccasarily be the things that make you happy.

Everybody’s idea of success is subjective. After all what I consider a success (a light jog round the block) compared to others (gruelling 10k) is completely different.

A good friend of mine always says to me ‘stay humble, after all you can’t take it with you when you die, but you can die full of love and happiness with amazing memories’. Although certain things have happened for me this year that other’s would see as pitfalls; losing my job, back to being a stay at home mum, being a single mum, etc, I also see alot of successes in my eyes. I am now more knowledgable about both of my children’s condiitons and feel that me being at home to help them is giving them a real fighting chance, I’m a much better ASD advocate than I was this time last year. I am a stronger, more confident woman than I was this time last year. I’m also out of a terrible relationship that didn’t make any one in it feel good and we are all much happier out of it.

So you see success is something which we can all achieve in different ways; material successes being a small part of that. It’s so much better to water your own grass and admite than so to speak than lust after somebody else’s. I am so lucky and grateful to have what I have with my home, my partner I am with now and my children. I know there are people out there who would love to have what I have right now. This reminds me to appreciate what I have and realise how lucky I am as it could all be taken away in a second.

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