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QOTW: Week Sixteen

There are so many people in this world. 7.6 billion in fact. And the beautiful thing about this world is that everyone is different and no one is the same. Super cheesy I know but how boring would life be if everyone did the same thing and felt the same way about things?

I think its healthy to be able to have a disagreement in opinion and that you should respect one another’s opinion. However, what makes this unhealthy is when others begin to use those opinions to ostracize and harm others.

I constantly get judged. As a mother, as a mental health patient, as a millenial, as a bisexual currently in a same sex relationship, as a bigger girl, as a feminist.And it can be very hard in this world of social media to not feel attacked all the time. There are times, such as when I’m being told I brainwash my daughter by teaching her she can do whatever her brother can, when I get told that I’m a disgusting pervert for being a bisexual parent, when I get told that I’m just sad and need to lighten up and deal with ,y issues like a grown up, when I quite literally hide away from the world. It’s enough to make anyone want to not go outside again or bother to open up to others. It would be so easy to stay cocooned in my little world and not say anything to anyone.

But then I also think that I have a duty to teach my children and to show others around me how proud I am of who I am as a person. I may have Bipolar but I own that shit and I bring up two children single handedly and still manage to get the bills paid, I am in love with the most beautiful soul in the world. The fact that she is also a woman shouldn’t matter. The fact random strangers take it so personally amazes me to be honest. And I also think to myself that if someone reads one of my posts and that brings about  more understanding and gives someone more of an open mind and an understanding that the world is not so black and white. If I can also help someone who is going through something I have gone through and can help to give them some advice and help them do that then I will feel as though the whole point of me blogging has been achieved.

I do believe that it is so important to learn about the world and the people in it. Now more than ever. There have been so many scary things that have happened this year (read here about how I deal with this as a mum). And all it does is make me want to look more about how I can help to be honest. Starting off as an individual with how you can tackle these issues in your community will help build into a group of us doing it together. And that is what is important.

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